Build a bank statement from Paypal to Google Sheets

Hello all

I’m Thomas - and I’m a complete newbie :slight_smile: I am working full-time as a voice-over artist and composer for many years now and when it comes to automating my studio applications and my local files, many of my colleagues say of me that I am a “crack” :wink: I only recently became aware of and see the great potential in this kind of automation. But I also see that the learning curve is very flat for me. Although I have already managed to design a scenario that automatically saves file attachments such as PDFs and movies to my Dropbox, from where the files are moved to my workdisks using Hazel!. My next project would be to build a bank statement from paypal to google sheet, but well… :slight_smile: Maybe you could direct me to sites where I can learn more in detail about scenarios. The templates are a really good starting point, but mostly fail because I don’t (yet) use applications used in the templates, such as Bexio, Asana or others, and therefore can’t install the templates at all for “study purposes”. In any case, I’m looking forward to when I have under control enough to be able to use real automations which streamline my backoffice workflow.

Best regards, Thomas

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Welcome to the :make: Make Community! @thomascgass !

Always good to see new faces here :smiley:

As for paypal to google sheets, this should be pretty straitforward to do on make.

heres in example of paypal to quickbooks that is relatively similar to what you would do in sheets.

Thanks a lot for your fast reply and the example! But as I said: without quickbook account I can’t look into the template to study it… or am I missing something here (you see, a complete newbie… :wink:

Yes unfortunately that is how make templates currently work.
Templates are more useful as a reference to re-create in a fresh scenario, or take inspiration from unless you need their exact purpose.

Feature Request:

@Michaela ^^
Easy way to cancel out half way through a template setup so that you can customize a template to your individual needs.

Your scenario would look something like this.
here are the instructions on how to connect paypal to Make

Thanks, JugaadiTech, I’ll look into this and will hopefully find my way throught it!
All the best, Thomas

How lovely to meet you @thomascgass, welcome to the community! If you wanna learn how to tame Make, this is the place to be. No matter how ‘noob’ or advanced you are :sunglasses:

Thanks @JugaadiTech :pray: We’re very aware of the fact that templates could serve as a great educational resource and there are certainly plans to make them more flexible in the future.