Cannot send emails anymore

I have been sending automated emails for months. These emails all have different sizes & data attached. 90% of them have suddently started failing with timeouts from Make.
Emails that have little to no data continue to go through.

My email connections are correct & verified. Has something changed on Makes end that is causing this? I am unsure what else it could be, the problem started around 1st of March.


Are you using a personal or enterprise (workspace) Google account?

Did you set your custom OAuth connection to published?


I am not using a google account. As I said emails send fine until I start adding some content. I have had no issues over a week ago for months on end.

The time out error suggests it’s taking too long.
Are you trying to add attachments?
What is the total email size of one that has failed?
The cap is around 35 MB all-in, not just the total of attachments.


Yes I am adding attachments but the size is maybe a few kb.

Sometimes adding 5kb of html to the email makes it times out too…

Nothing has changed on my end.

Emails have suddenly started sending again. Nothing has changed on my end.

How can I guarantee this doesn’t start happening again?

Have you tried using an error handler on the email module that will retry in case this happens again?

What email server are you using? If an operation is timing out while connecting to the email server, it suggests an issue on that server rather than with Make.

I assumed this was Google which is where the comment about the 35MB cap came from, but I guess you said you ARE NOT using Google mail here.


I am not using google. Emails are fine from the email eerver as I was able to send large emails outside of Make.

Re-trying would just make it fail infinetly. All my scenarios were eventually disabled and had to be re-enabled

We can’t help with external service issues, I would suggest you contact your email service provider or switch to a more reliable one.