Cant add data using zoho creator API


I got a make scenario that push row into zoho creator using an conenction to my postgresql database.

Everything work just find but between yesterday night and this morning I got this error :


I try to do another connection to see what the problem and i got this :

I can connect to zoho creator, i can even choose an app but its impossible to choose a report or a form even if i try to make a api call I received the same error.

Is this a make problem or a zoho creator problem ? someone as the same and how can i repair it ?

Thank you for your help

Everything its solve


Glad you managed to figure this one out. Could you share your solution with us?


Default of payment so the api was blocked and return nothing nothing else ^^.


Hello there @Brey and welcome to our community :wave:

Thank you for sharing your solution with us. This way other community members can benefit from your suggestion while dealing with similar problems.


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