ZOHO CRM - Cannot create property 'type' on string '[Collection], [Collection], [Collection],

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Olà ! It seems there’s an issue with Zoho CRM when you try to do an update. The message you get is Cannot create property ‘type’ on string '[Collection], [Collection], [Collection], [Collection], [Collection], [Collection], [Collection],…

Anyone had that issue ? can we know when it’s projected to be fixed ?

Can you share us the screenshot of the ZOHO module?

If the error persists, try to isolate the problem by sending a simplified update request to Zoho CRM. Gradually add fields and data until the error occurs again, which can help identify the specific data or field causing the issue.
Make sure that the data is in the expected format and that all required fields are included.
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There’s two screen shots. one with Search Module where there is no error and the other one, with the Update Module where the error is shown.

Apparently Make is aware of the situation. I just want to know if there’s an eta about when the issu will be resolved