Zoho CRM v2 Search Modules - buildCriteria errors

I have a scenario that has been running successfully for over a year. It includes a number of Zoho CRM v2 Search modules that simply look for the existence of a CRM record based on a single field value.

This morning these search modules started failing with the following error:

I’ve tried resetting the modules with no luck. My inbound webhook queue is growing rapidly as I must process the incoming requests sequentially.

I have reauthorised the connection etc which includes the Z search element.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


I had to update all Zoho CRM Search modules in the scenario with v3 modules.

This should be an announced update if a new version of an app is going to break existing scenarios.

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Hello there @Scott_Parkin welcome to the community :wave:

Awesome work on figuring this out! Also, thanks so much for posting the solution here in the community, we really appreciate that. This can be very helpful to someone searching for the same answers in the future :pray: