Zoho Crm - Some scenarios stopped receiving Data

Hi Folks,

Some of my scenarios have recently stopped working without any intermediate changes on my end.

Make does not appear to be receiving data normally from some Zoho Crm modules. This issue is new (only noticed today) but appears to have started within the last week or so.
Previously data had been received normally.

It is unclear if this is a Zoho or Make issue.
Zoho customer support refers me to Make. Make customer support have yet to get back to me.

While Make registers changes, these are not dated, and no data flows through

In the attached images you can see testing on a simple “Watch Object” scenario used for testing this issue.

The working Zoho modules show dated, changed records and get bundles.

Non-working Zoho modules can “see” changes, but are undated and have no bundles of data.

I’ve tested various (but not all) modules. Note that in our Crm, we’ve renamed 2 of the modules (in brackets).

The modules are not working:
Contacts (Clients)
Purchase Orders

These modules appear to be working normally:
Deals (Jobs)

[Edited: Image order changed for clarity]