Can't get correct data via webhook

I have the task:

  1. A webhook url quiz passes some data
  2. This data is caught by the webhook of the integromat
  3. Further, this data is transmitted to the sendpulse via api

Here’s what’s leaving the quiz service

this is what it looks like in the script. help me please

It looks like the service sending the Webhook hasn’t set the Content-Type header to “application/json” - so the Make Webhook module thinks its just plain text (what’s showing in your screenshot for value is the Hex representations of each character).

If you can’t change the system that’s sending the data, add a Parse JSON module after the Webhook module.


Hi @WnW_Dental_Marketing ,

To add to what @DavidGurr_Make has mentioned. When adding webhook, Go to Advanced Settings and Enable JSON pass-through by setting it to Yes, this will ensure that Make doesn’t modify any incoming data, this way you can be sure that the data is there without any formatting and after which you can use Parse JSON module.

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