Can't Press on the OK button in Google Calendar due to the Attendees

For some reason, i can’t click on the OK button.
I know that the problem is with the Attendees section.
What am i doing wrong?

it doesn’t let me press ok when it’s empty but also not when I have the following formula inside:

Hi @Naveh,

You need to pass an array of collections in Google Calendar, including email(mandatory) and name(optional). What you are passing is a primitive array which looks something like this, ["", ""], instead of required,

	"name": "",
	"email": ""
}, {
	"name": "",
	"email": ""

Since, Email address if you are setting up Attendees is mandatory, it is throwing an error thus causing the OK button not to work. So, To resolve this, what you need to do is create an array of collections as specified in the format mentioned above or the easier way to do this will be to use iterator and aggregator.

  1. After your GSheet, Add a New Module Iterator
  2. Iterate over split(email;,)
  3. Add an array aggregator, and over there set the destination data structure to Attendees and source to Iterator.

Something like this,

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Thanks a lot for the crystal clear explanation !! Appreciate it!

On that note, may I ask how can i send email using the Send Email module not as bcc?

Im using the same cell as before

But instead of sending it to each one, it sends it as bcc to everyone