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I have created a system in my where whenever a project is selected from Harvest, time entry items and expenses get uploaded into the projects. I have to use the raw data for column IDs because the value changes according to which project is selected:

On my monday boards they all have an “assign” or the Person column to assign each task with a user.

If I were to select a specific board on when I create an item, the column drop down is automatically revealed.

And we see that for the value there is ‘Persons and Team’ - Kind and ID values to be filled out:

However, because I am using the raw board id, the column drop down does not show up meaning I have to input the raw information for the person column.


So my question is how do I code in the value when the column ID for ‘Assign’ is in the raw form and the dropdown list does not appear?

Thank you.

You have to find the Id values in your Monday system first and populate them into variables so they can be used elsewhere in scenario. There should be a module for looking up users in Monday. Use that.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your response. I have already isolated the monday user ids and connected them to the tasks from Harvest.

Great then you can map them using the map toggle

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When I do that I get this message: [ Error Code: ColumnValueException / Error Details: {“column_value”:“33880961”,“column_type”:“MultiplePersonColumn”} ]

Please read my first post. I explained very clearly with screenshots of the issue. The ‘Assign’ column when connected to a board on, reveals a dropdown menu of selecting the ‘kind’ - Person or Team, and THEN I can input the ‘ID’
I am unable to access the dropdown menu when I input ‘project_owner’ therefore the ID will not be read.

Found the solution thanks to @T_Sabelanga :grin: !

The value is:

{“personsAndTeams”: [ {“id”: “{{}}”, “kind”: “person” } ] }

Where it says is where I put the id I pulled from monday that is connected to the task’s on Harvest.

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Heya @Nina_Lin :wave:

I just wanted to say thanks for stepping back in and sharing the solution you got with the community. Super valuable and 100% appreciated :pray: