Changing the Reply To Email in Microsoft 365 Email not working - Is this a flaw in Make?

I’m facing a situation where I need to send emails using Microsoft 365 Email, but I’m encountering issues while trying to change the Reply To email address. I’ve tried setting the Reply To value in the email, but it doesn’t seem to update the Reply To field in the email header as I expected.

When I check the full email headers of the received message, the first Reply To field remains the same, displaying the sender’s email address. To address this, I attempted to add a second Reply To (please refer to the attached images). However, this second Reply To appears as a secondary email in the received message header, and the original sender’s email address still occupies the primary position. My goal is to replace the original sender’s email address with the first Reply To value that I added.

I’m wondering if there’s another step I’m missing to successfully modify the first Reply To email address, or if this is not possible, and I should explore an alternative approach.

Hello @monj ,

Do you have set the default From address in Microsoft 365 email settings? This could be related to the Microsoft email setting that you use to send a message.