Chatbot - Reading "interactive" fields from a webhook


I set a scenario for a chatbot with Whatsapp and make, and defined a list where the user needs to click his answer in whatsapp.

How do I get the user’s responses and use it in the scenario I set?
When the user answered I can see the answer in the webhook log in make, as a record in the queue to be proceed.


Hi, I’m facing the same challenge atm. Have you had any breakthroughs?

Ok. I found the solution myself. You can use “Watch Events” to check which button was clicked. It’s under Messages → Interactive → Button Reply

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Heya @Maxi welcome to the community and thanks so much for sharing your solution with us! :pray:

@Esteban Would you say that Maxi’s input resolves your initial issue? If so, feel free to mark his reply as a solution. :white_check_mark: