How to "Listen" a WhatsApp Reply in the middle of the Scenario?

I have a WhatsApp Trigger at the beginning of my scenario, listening news messages from anyone… That’s ok…

Then, my Step #2 is sending a new message to the user, asking him to click one of reply buttons…

Now, the Step #3: I need to “read” the user’s reply and know what reply button he chose… If he clicked reply button #1, go this way… If he clicked reply button #2, go the other way…

But I can’t find a solution to Step #3… It’s my first day using Make and I would love to get some help, please…



Welcome to the Make community!

I don’t think this is possible using a single scenario run, because scenarios are stateless and runs to completion.

To “wait” for user input you’ll need to store the users previous answers in a database, and then in a new scenario execution, use another route (using filters) based on where the state of the interaction is at.

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The reply will contain the label you chose for the button, and you can use that value with a Path node to conditionally select what action to execute next. Just make sure the labels are unique.

As another option, you could use 2Chat [1] to watch for new messages and run the same kind of filtering using Path.