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Please; I’m trying to use a scenario : autoreply to comments on facebook using chatgpt completion. I followed all the steps ; but when running the scenario : it marks : error 429. It says that my free tokens have expired. the problem is that I didn’t use them at all.
Can anyone help me please ?

Helo @NADIA,

For this issue, you would need to reach out to OpenAI, or check your account there to see into usage history. Try this link: OpenAI Platform



Can you check this forum post and see if that helps the issue you are getting?

python - OpenAI ChatGPT (GPT-3.5) API error 429: "You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details" - Stack Overflow.

To summarize this,

You’re getting error 429 because either you used all your free tokens or 3 months have passed since you signed up . As stated in the official OpenAI article: To explore and experiment with the API, all new users get $5 worth of free tokens. These tokens expire after 3 months.

What you can do though is upgrade to Higher plan or create new account and see if that fixes the issue you are getting.


There’s no ‘upgrade to a higher tier plan’; it’s only ‘pay for what you use.’ Check your payment option in your account. I use ChatGPT Plus and the ChatGPTAPI. Here is a screenshot from my account."

Good Luck!

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