Check time and wait if needed

Hi…here’s the idea:

Someone buys something from me and they get a tag in ConvertKit.

I want to send them a text via salesmsg in a day or two asking them how they liked the product and if they had any questions.

However, I don’t want to send texts at certain hours of the day (middle of night as an example)

Is there something that can flow like this:

  1. For visitors with tag xyz
  2. Delay 24 hours
  3. After 24 hours Check if current time is 9am-5pm EST
  4. If no wait until next day at 9am EST to send text
  5. If yes, send text

Hello, did you manage to solve it?
I need to do an action exactly like this.
I even managed to find information about filtering by time, but I can’t find how to make contacts wait until the condition is reached.

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Hey…unfortunately I ended up going back to Zapier which helped me do this.

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Hi you can make it done in make by using data stores and then scdule it run between 9-5 only.
So only scenario push it for 24 hour and other will run between 9-5 to send a message.