ClickUp Missing attributes

For ClickUp, I get the “status” attributes in the initial payload. But I cannot select it in a filter. refer to

What I’m trying to capture:
Can’t find it in filter: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Hi @MikeInMotion

All fields will only appear after running the module. Start by running the module once (use “choose where to start” if you’re using an acid trigger). Then, check the filter section.

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Hi Mike,

the Before and After items don’t appear in the filters at all. I have completely given up on them and instead place a Get a Task module after Watch Tasks and put the filter after that one. Much easier to filter after it instead as you can get everything there.


Welcome to the Make community!

Can you try manually typing them like this in the filter box?

{{ 1.history_items.1.status }}