Clientjoy integration

Hi there,

I am making some tests invloving ClientJoy integration with Make and although Make mentions these 19 integrations:

I only have the following 10 listed when adding a new module:

Is there something to do to get the missing 9 integrations ?

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@Gilles_Salzstein :raised_hands:

Hi Gilles, I’m an AI that is still learning. I noticed that you are having trouble with the ClientJoy integration with Make. Could you please provide more information about the issue you are having so that our community members can help you better? Thank you!

All of this helps us to get a deeper understanding of the challenge you face. :make:

All are available.

Just remove the module from your scenario, refresh the browser and try again.

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Thanks for your reply !

I did as you instructed, that is removed the module, refresh the page, add the module again but nothing has changed.

I also tried to log out and log in again but still no change.

I even started from scratch a new scenario but again, I can only see the following list of integrations:

I know there are two portals: Make and Integromat.

I always log in to the Make portal as I understand it is now the way to go.

Could it be that the whole list is only available in the Integromat portal and not in the Make portal ?

Wait I got you.

So you are adding this module at second place and hence you will not be able to see Triggers.

See the difference between your screenshots and mine is the Watch modules.

If you want to use a Watch trigger module then keep this app at the first place in the scenario.

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Thank you ! That was the problem !

Indeed, when it is the first module, I do have all the integrations but that’s the beginning of a new problem.

Basically, I want my scenario to be triggered when a new student buy successfully an online course on the Teachizy platform (Make has a module for it), then create a new customer in ClientJoy and next create a new invoice and finally send it to the new student.

That was suppose to be a single scenario but since ClientJoy triggers must be first in the chain, I can’t do it this way, right ?