Connect Make and Wordpress

Good morning
I have a problem, when I want to connect WordPress to a make connector I get a code 403 error.

Can anyone help me?

Welcome to the Make community!

Make sure there are no spaces before and after your API key.

If you have the Make DevTool Chrome extension installed, you should be able to view the request and response headers and body from each module when you manually run the scenario.

From the Help Center article about the Make DevTool:

Make DevTool allows you to debug your Make scenarios in a completely new way. It adds an extra pane to the Chrome Developer Tools. Using this new debugger pane, you’re able to check all the manual runs of your scenario, review all the performed operations and see the details of every API call performed. It also brings a whole bunch of new opportunities for Apps development. You’re able to check every call that your app has performed. Thanks to this extension, you can easily debug your scenario, see which module, operation, even which single response causes the error, and then get your scenario back on track. Try it out and let your scenarios shine!

For more information on how to install and use this, see


No there is no space.
I can’t connect it. error 403.
on my site I have wordfence there is perhaps something to see?

in the console : (Failed Dependency)

Hey There @stephane
Hope you are doing well ,

  • Please verify that the API key has the necessary permissions to perform the actions you are trying to automate

  • Also Double-check the endpoint and URL you are using in the Make connector. Make sure they are correct and correspond to the WordPress API endpoints.

  • Lastly , Ensure that the WordPress user account associated with the API key that you are using has the required permissions. For example, if you are trying to create or update posts, your account should have the appropriate capabilities.

Let me know if these points help.

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Good morning
nothing to do I still have error 403 or error 404.
I checked everything but my problem is that I cannot connect to WordPress…
I have ionos hosting.
To test I took another hosting on ovh and I have the same problem.

Hey There @stephane ,
Hope You are doing well,
The presence of Wordfence, can indeed be a factor in encountering a 403 error when trying to connect your WordPress to Make.

Try Temporarily Disable Wordfence

  • As a diagnostic step, consider temporarily deactivating Wordfence on your Wordpress and attempting to make the API connection again. If the 403 error disappears, it may indicate that Wordfence is indeed causing the issue and then we can work our way from there.

But before temporarily disabling WordFence try adjusting the firewall rules as needed.

  • Access the Wordfence settings in your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the “Firewall” section and check if there are any rules that might be blocking the specific API requests you are making.

Good morning
I deactivated wordfence, I even created another wordpress without any module just make connector and it does the same for me, impossible to connect it.
I do not know what to do.

Hey there @stephane ,
Hope you are doing well,
If Nothing else works try raising a ticket on wordpress support to solve your problem ,
Let me know if this helps.

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No, that doesn’t work.

Incorrect file permissions are a common cause of Error 403. Ensure that directories are set to 755 and files to 644. You can use an FTP client or SSH to check and modify file permissions.

Another time this error occurs is when the user trying to access the API does not have the necessary permissions to perform the requested action (not administrator).

Failed Dependency errors are usually something to do with the web hosting provider, or a bad Wordpress installation (core/themes/plugins).


Thanks for your help anyways.
All rights are indeed 755 and 644.
I tried a host (ionos and ovh) and it doesn’t work, it’s the same.
while working on the server I managed to connect the site I think, but I have 404s here

I’ve translated the error message into English. It says:

[404] No route corresponding to the URL and the request method was found. (error code: rest_no_route).

Potential Causes

  • Incorrect URL: Double-check the URL you’re using to make the API request. Ensure it aligns with the documented API endpoint structure.
  • Missing Endpoint: The endpoint you’re trying to access might not be enabled or registered within your WordPress installation.
  • Plugin or Theme Conflict: A plugin or theme might interfere with the REST API’s functionality.
  • Permissions Issue: The user or application making the API request might lack the necessary permissions to access the endpoint.

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Verify the URL: Meticulously examine the API documentation to confirm you’re using the correct URL structure for the intended endpoint.
  • Check API Endpoints: Inspect the available API endpoints using a tool like Postman or by visiting the /wp-json/ URL in your browser.
  • Review Plugin and Theme Settings: If you’re using plugins or themes that interact with the REST API, explore their settings for any configuration options that might affect endpoint availability.
  • Test with Basic Authentication: Attempt to make the API request using basic authentication with an administrator account to rule out permission issues.
  • Consult Plugin or Theme Documentation: If the issue stems from a specific plugin or theme, refer to their documentation or support resources for further guidance.
  • Enable Debug Mode: Temporarily enable WordPress debug mode to obtain more detailed error messages that could shed light on the root cause.

Additional Considerations

  • Custom Endpoints: If you’re working with custom API endpoints, ensure they’re correctly registered and accessible.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Verify that any third-party integrations relying on the REST API are configured properly.
  • Server Configuration: In rare cases, server-level restrictions might impede API functionality.

If you continue to encounter difficulties after following these steps, seeking assistance from WordPress support forums or a developer with REST API expertise is recommended. This is because it doesn’t seem like a Make platform issue, but with where your Wordpress site is hosted.

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I would like to find a developer yes it is becoming complicated for me