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I connected a WordPress site with Make via the Integromat/Make connector plugin – but this was on a staging server. When I moved the site from staging to my live server, the site has a new URL but the API key in the Integromat plugin stayed the same. In Make, when I try to change the Base URL to the live domain, it gives me a 403 error. I suspect this is because the same API key is being used by the plugin in the staging site with and the live site with Even when I try to deactivate and delete the plugin on the live site and then reinstall it again, it comes back with the same API key and hence Make shows the same 403 error when I try to create a connection to the live site. In essence, my staging site and live site both have the Integromat plugin but have the same API key. And in Make, the WordPress connection has the base URL to the staging site with the API key, but when I change the base URL to the live site, I get a 403 error. My make scenario worked fine for the staging site.

Been stuck with this for a few hours now and can’t figure out how to resolve it. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Heya @SeanB welcome to the community :wave: and thanks a lot for raising your question here!

Just checking - have you tried creating a new connection? It is possible to create multiple connections with one API key and use them to work with different domains.

Hi @Michaela Thank you for the welcome. :wave:

Yes, I’ve tried creating a new connection and I’m still getting that error. I can’t seem to figure out why this could be happening. I tried creating a completely new scenario (instead of trying to get the existing one to work) and then tried setting up the WordPress app and provided all the info to add a new connection. But I still keep getting this 403 error.

This same key worked when I added the Integromat plugin to the website when it was on the staging domain but now that it’s on the live domain and I try to add a new WordPress connection to the live site, I keep getting an error.

Is it possible that if the staging Wordpress database is the same as the live Wordpress database, then the plugin may have made an entry in the database associated with the staging site URL? I’m trying to think of all options here as I’ve completely exhausted everything else I could think of.

Here is the plugin setting in WordPress

Also, I enabled logging to see if that would provide any clues and this is what was in the log.txt file that I downloaded.

CleanShot 2023-03-23 at 23.13.30@2x


I think the url should look like that:

Did anyone get a resolution on this - been fighting this exact same scenario - had to clone the site to the new url - it has been working perfect - I have deleted the app - reinstalled. The make log shows the api has success but the action does not happen on the new site.

i have the same problem.

I don’t have a direct answer on this issue, but I do have two recommendations on trying to diagnose it:

  1. Disable all WordPress plugins on your site apart from the Make plugin, and retest. If it then works, re-enable each additional plugin one-by-one to find out which one is causing the conflict.
  2. If that doesn’t help, try running a Postman GET request against https://<yoursite>/wp-json/wp/v2/users/me with a header line of iwc-api-key: <yourAPIkey>
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I tried both options and it still doesn’t work.


I’m not sure you have exactly the same problem - the others are related to custom taxonomies.

For the Postman test, the URL for the GET request needs to be https://<yoursite>/wp-json/wp/v2/users/me - you’ve stopped at wp-json.

The iwc-api-key needs to be a Header element in Postman, not tagged onto the end of the URL. Check the Headers tab in Postman and add that header with your API key as the value.

If you get a 403 error from Postman too, and if you’re 100% certain that you’ve copied the API key correctly from the Make plugin, then it’s most likely to be either a file permission or .htaccess file problem with your WordPress server.


I’m glad to say that I managed to resolve the connection issue with the WordPress API and Make! After several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to contact the server support as it seemed that something was blocking the connection.

I explained the problem to the support team, and they analyzed the situation. After a more in-depth analysis, they identified that the blockage was happening in the server’s firewall. They asked me to add a specific code to the .htaccess file to resolve the issue. The provided code was as follows:

<IfModule mod_security.c>
SecRuleRemoveById 400011
SecRuleRemoveById 400012

Following the support’s instructions, I added this code to my website’s .htaccess file. After saving the changes and testing the API connection again, to my satisfaction, the connection was successful!

I am thankful to the server support team for their detailed analysis and for providing the appropriate solution to resolve the 403 error. Removing the specific security rules in the .htaccess file allowed the WordPress API and Make to connect without any issues.

It was a relief to find the solution to this problem after so many attempts. I hope this information can be helpful to others who may be facing similar issues with integrating the WordPress API and Make.


@KAUE_BREGOLA Thanks for sharing your result! I’m sure this will be helpful to others with the same problem.

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