Issue with WordPress connector plugin

I connected a WordPress site with Make via the Integromat/Make connector plugin – but this was on a staging server. When I moved the site from staging to my live server, the site has a new URL but the API key in the Integromat plugin stayed the same. In Make, when I try to change the Base URL to the live domain, it gives me a 403 error. I suspect this is because the same API key is being used by the plugin in the staging site with and the live site with Even when I try to deactivate and delete the plugin on the live site and then reinstall it again, it comes back with the same API key and hence Make shows the same 403 error when I try to create a connection to the live site. In essence, my staging site and live site both have the Integromat plugin but have the same API key. And in Make, the WordPress connection has the base URL to the staging site with the API key, but when I change the base URL to the live site, I get a 403 error. My make scenario worked fine for the staging site.

Been stuck with this for a few hours now and can’t figure out how to resolve it. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

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Heya @SeanB welcome to the community :wave: and thanks a lot for raising your question here!

Just checking - have you tried creating a new connection? It is possible to create multiple connections with one API key and use them to work with different domains.