Connect make to Confluence

Hello, IM trying to connect make with our confluence but im getting an error that the site is wrong. It does even appear on the menu and i will choose it. So it recognize the name, i think there is problem with the Oauth scope and i was reading the documentation about some incoming links and scopes but i don’t know what i should or where i should set it. When im using the callback which is described in make documentation it does not work.

Can anybody help me what i should setup to make the connection between those 2 apps?

link ia have been reading:

Hi @Frantisek_Vujtek ,

I can see that the expected output for Site Name should be “rohlik” and not the entire URL.

Hope this helps


Oh crap you are right :smiley: -.- Well, sorry for stupid question then.

There are no stupid questions here. You might even help others who will ask this question in future!