Connect Slack Reaction to Monday Status Change

Hey everybody :wave:t3:
First time “Maker” here… thank y’all for your help!

My goal:
A reaction to a message in a slack channel changes a status in a status column.

What works:
The trigger works fine (a white checkmark) reaction in a certain channel triggers the action. That’s all good.

What I don’t manage to do:
The Item ID needs to be mapped. I cannot select from a list, because it always changes. So I want to search for the name of the item inside of the slack message, that got the reaction.


Slack Message:
Hey, I’ve finished the Post#1


  1. Someone reacts to the message with a :white_check_mark:
  2. In a monday board the item with the name “Post#1” changes the status.

Thank you all for the help!

Hi @Cornelius_vom_Stein

Please use a regex “text parser” to extract the item name. Once you get the item name, use the search module to find the corresponding item.

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