Connecting Notion with Wordpress for Automatic Blog Posting

Hi, I’m trying to create a scenario that automatically creates a Wordpress blog from a Notion Page. While I don’t have proper schooling, I’ve been using for a while and thus am able to create a decently complicated scenario (think of array aggregators, iterators, data stores, increment, simple reg-ex etc to process data into needed format).

I’m currently unsure of the best way to:

  1. Parse the data from Notion
  2. Process (if required) the data from Notion

My current logic is to split the whole thing into 2 scenarios:

  1. Take the necessary data from Notion (which is the type of content: heading_1, heading_2, heading_3, paragraph, content, Notion Page ID, Notion Page Title), store it in a Data Store, then trigger the second scenario, which is
  2. Process the content (i.e., adding the html <h1><h2><p> before and after the content data), combine it into a single string, then post it as a Wordpress blog post.

Now, I encounter a problem in the first scenario, namely, how do I filter out the appropriate content for a given content type?

As you see above, the location of the content depends on the content type. Content with a type heading_3 is located under {{heading_3.rich_text[].plain_text}}. Content with a type paragraph is located under {{paragraph.rich_text[].plain_text}}. This creates a problem because of the dynamic content location.

Using router to me looks unconvincing as it introduces another problem. With a router, the path is now branched into multiple paths. Now, how do I know the time when all the bundles are stored in Data Store? Ideally, I would like to keep this in a single path so that when all of the bundles are stored, I can trigger the second scenario.

I know this logic may not be the best strategy to tackle this problem, so I’m open to ideas and suggestions on how to best process the data. If you would like more screenshot, I will be happy to help capture them.