Convert data based on input

Hi there,

I’d like to convert country data based on the country code. For example, let’s say my input is US, I’d like to convert this to “United States”. I know the switch modules can do this, but it requires me to input everything myself through the UI.

Is there an easier way to switch larger datasets, perhaps through JSON?

Appreciate the help!

Hi @Ricky_Wolff,

You can use Make’s inbuilt app named ISO for this.

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Hi @Ricky_Wolff

If you don’t want to use switch modules, What you can do is connect a spreadsheet that has all the iso codes and countries you need. you can then lookup rows based on your input Iso code and then map the full country name from the sheet wherever you need it. There should also be some country code api’s available out there that you can input your iso code and get the full country as a response

The best would be to use the “ISO” module in which uses the iso code as an input and returns the full country name. See below:

Feel free to reach out if there’s something I’ve missed :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the suggestion. The Google Sheets method will work!
I can’t use the ISO module as the output needs to be in a specific format to respect our picklist values in salesforce.

Do you know if there is another native way to transform a large amount of data, perhaps using JSON - rather than the Google Sheets route?

@Ricky_Wolff It’s possible to create a json structure with a key value pair and map the value based on the key (ISO) but would be much harder iterating in the future. For your use-case it seems sheets would be the way to go. If the reason you can’t use the ISO module is that it expects upper case and you store it as lower case, it’s possible to use inline functions to manipulate the data to your expected output.