Converting HTML from Freescout ticket to Markdown and stripping HTML tags

Anyone know how I can convert HTML from the ticket contents from Freescount into Markdown to be inserted into a ClickUp task?

Currently, fetching the body of the ticket contains all the HTML and looks like this:-

I can see a module ‘Markdown’ that does this but I do not know how to attach this to my Freescout to ClickUp scenario so that a particular variable in the ClickUp settings is converted from HTML to Markdown…

Hi @zigojacko
It’s quite easy, in between the modules put the Markdown module:

Then within the Markdown module, put your HTML content; Im not sure if it’s preview or anything else, make sure it’s the variable that contains HTML content;

Then put the output of the Markdown module to your clickup task description.


Thanks, I see, I’ve tried this but when I ran it, I got the following RuntimeError.

The actual output to the ClickUp task is correct and it got rid of all the HTML tags though so it is working, but just not completing and raising the task in ClickUp.

Ah I realised the problem is when it includes something else in the ‘Content’ field.

When I removed the ticket URL and only inserted the ‘Markdown’ variable, it ran ok.

Hmm, that’s disappointing if it only works with just that and I can’t prepend the field with anything.

Ahh got it working now. Had to select ‘Plain Text’ and it let me include other things, obviously the ticket URL I inserted with the variables isn’t markdown so I don’t think it liked that.

Amazing, this one is sorted now, thanks for your help @make_expert

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@make_expert I think I need to do something differently actually because this integration failed and stopped the other day…

See below set up…

As far as I understand, this currently is watching every ticket in Freescout and then Markdown is trying to convert every ticket from HTML to Markdown (because that error in screenshot is for an email from Google which is nothing to do with what we want to catch)? We only want to convert the matching tickets to Markdown ready for ClickUp - waste of resources otherwise.

The conditions don’t happen to after the router though. Is it possible to move the Markdown module to the step before creating ClickUp tasks?

Well I have tried exactly as I assumed so we’ll see how it does.