Counting the number of operations for adding data to the "Data Store"

Hello Makers,

I am currently trying to retrieve the number of operations that have added new data to the “Data store”, while ignoring duplicate data. Using this information, I intend to generate a notification message through Google Chat, indicating the number of successfully added data entries.

Here is the scenario.

For instance, 1-3 data entries were added successfully, while 4-6 data entries were ignored. I need the total count or sum of the successfully added data entries.

Unfortunately, despite my efforts to search for relevant articles,
I was unable to find any useful information.

Could you kindly assist me with this matter?
Thank you.

Could you use the “Count Records” data store module before adding the records and then again after and subtract the two values?

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Try to use array aggregator after data store. In this case you can use number of operation (see picture).

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