Create Contract Even if Some Signer Fields Blank

Hi, I had integrated with Zapier, but they only allow 5 signatories. I moved to so I could have 11, but the scenario fails every time there isn’t data for all 11 signers (we dont need 11 every time).

The data is obtained from ClickUp, and in Zapier if the signer name and email fields were blank then the contract would still be created but there would be no signer made where the fields were blank. (For example if signers 2-5 held no data the contract would create and send to signer 1. Now if 2-5 are blank it returns errors.) just stops the automation if it finds any blanks… can I work around this the same way Zapier automatically does?

I have tried IfEmpty then Null/Ignore etc and these return the same error. It seems like esignatures requires something in these fields when integrating with Make, but they were able to be blank in Zapier?

Also, I know some people suggest alternative routes when his happens, but with 11 signatories there are far too many combinations to do this as 11 is a Guarantor for the others (so we could have 1, 2, 3 individuals etc… or 1+2, 1+2+3 groups etc… or 1+11, 1+2+11, 1+3+11 groups plus guarantors etc… So that option is out.

In the screen shots I have filled out all signatories details except signer 2, flagging the error. Can anyone help?

Hi @cniven ,

Usually, if some of the mapped fields are blank, it will throw that kind of error. Try to use an IfEmpty() function and then add an Ignore pill. This way if the mapped value is empty then it won’t error out OR instead of using the Ignore pill, you can also set a generic value like “n/a” or anything.



@Jogger_Meister you’ve got the basic idea, but that is not the correct answer because you cannot ignore required fields, and it will still throw the same error.