Create Ghost post from Notion database page


I"m looking to create a Ghost post from Content in a Notion database.

  1. Is this possible?
  2. Trying to set it up I can create the posts, but cannot get the content from the page in Notion to populate in Ghost

Not sure which options to select :man_shrugging:

Any help appreciated.


Hi, if you have the title as a property (field) in a Notion database, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to your “Watch Database Item” module (trigger), right-click, “Choose where to start”, “Choose manually”, select the first row in the list, select “Ok”, right-click on the module again, press “Run this module only”. This allows you to get some data that you can map in your Ghost module.

  2. Open your Ghost module. When mapping data in your Ghost module, now you should also see the Notion database properties. If “Title” is one of those properties, you can map its value in the dedicated field in the Ghost module

A video would have been more effective to show this, but I can’t record it at the moment. I remain available if you have further questions

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Thanks, But would this select the content from the body of the page?

I.e. Paragraph blocks, Links & headings etc?

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No, this wouldn’t get the page content from the body of the page. To get the content from the body of the page, you’d need to use the “List Page Contents” module in Make. And map the page ID from your previous Notion module

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