Creating a proposal (offer) doc/pdf file with a dynamic table of positions

I am looking for an effective way to create a doc and pdf document (e.g. through Google Docs) with an offer containing a table of positions taken from CRM.

My task is to create a table in Google Docs containing as many rows as the number of “bundles” downloaded from SFDC.
Their quantity can range from 0 to 4.
If there are none at all, we do not display the table in general. If there is 1 or more, we display the table (4 columns - name, net price, gross price, and VAT) with the appropriate number of rows. Can anyone help find the best approach?

Your best route will be to use a document generator App such as Formstack Documents, PDF Generator API or CraftMyPDF.

You create a template on your chosen App’s website and then send data to the App in Make to create the document.

You’ll need to turn the bundles into an array using the Aggregator module and then to build an appropriate JSON structure.


It is important for me to have access to an editable Google Docs file. Do you have any idea how to generate such a file?

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Formstack Documents can create a Word .docx file, which you can then open with Google Docs.


Hi Janecki,

you could do this with only free tools (google docs) but you need to be able to somewhat understand html.
This is a quick sketch, let me know if you need a more detailed instruction.

  • Create your template with google docs, including one row of the positions table
  • save/export as html
  • open with browser and view the source code
  • find the table portion of the row you want to loop and copy it into a „text aggregator“ module
  • map to the source module so it creates the looped rows section
  • map this output to a „compose a string“ module which holds the rest of the html
  • use „create a document“ from Google docs to create ur document from that html.

Hope this helps!