Create table in Google Docs and inhabit with data from array

Hi All!

Every month I collect information from a board, and need to create a report in Google Docs. Some of the information from the board needs to go into that table:
[Date, Start Time, End Time, Total Duration]

This structure is permanent, however, the # of rows is changing.

I need to create a new table in google docs based on the number of rows (e.g. total # of bundles), and then inhabit each row with the data from the monday board.

I tried Google Docs batchUpdate HTTP POST, which just creates the table, but I can’t set where this table will be created, so, I also tried to Create a Doc from Template, but I wouldn’t insert my information in the table because I couldn’t predict the number of tags in my template.

Also tried “Replace Text in a Document”, but again the # of row prediction issue again.

I’ve gone through half the internet for this but still couldn’t find a solution.

If anybody succeeded in this task - your help is extremely welcome!

Thanks so much.

If you use the Create a new document module, you can use HTML to create the document contents, which can include tables.

The tricky part is to create everything in HTML first.