Creating formated text in Google Slides Template

Hey great people!

I wanted to create the following automation:

  1. Tally form: People do as assessment to rate certain aspects of their team.
  2. Chatgpt will grab the answers and gives a valuation of the answer and a tipp what to do next in the team according to the answer.
  3. It then splits the answers in 2 parts: bullet 1-5 and 6-10
  4. A google slides template will be filled with these answers
  5. It will be downloaded as pdf
  6. Uploaded as PDF
  7. And sent via Mail as PDF.

Now what I can’t achieve is to format the answers. I want the first sentence for each bullet point to be bold.

What I tried: To let it write in Markdown language. I also activated it in google sheets:

So that when I write Bold text in the sheet it automatically gets transformed into a bold text. And it works if I write the text manually.

However, when the markdown text gets inserted by chatgpt and the make automation it does not work. And the issue seems to be here when texts get copied in. because when i then change the inserted text, delete one star and add it again it will be transformed into bold text.

Here is an example where you can see at the first paragraph how it will be saved when it comes directly from make. and the second paragraph how I just deleted and added one star again, so how it should be formatted.

Any ideas on how to achieve it?

Grazie mille!

PS: I hope it is still understandable although the texts are in German, if not kindly tell me.

blueprint slides format text.json (94.7 KB)

The function you are referring to (markdown auto-change) works only with the Google Slides user interface, e.g., when text is manually inputted.

If you want to use formatting via API, please refer to the Google Slides API Documnetation

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