Creating record in Airtable from Google Sheets Number Error


I’m trying to set up a rather simple Google Sheets to Airtable connection. Where when a row is added to a google sheet, make takes that data and creates a record in airtable using a small subsection of data from google sheets. How ever for one field that is a “Currency” field in airtable; it won’t take any number entered into it. Take a look at the screen shots and please let me know if anyone has had any difficulty with this before. I thought it would take 10 minutes to set up but I’ve been on it for an hour now.
Here is the number from google sheets:
Mapped into airtable:
Settings in Airtable for the Currency field:

Error in Make:

You need to remove the commas from the number.

You can do that with the built-in function replace

Or you can remove the commas from the sheet.