Custom field Slack

Hello! Please help me with advice.
Can i get custom field form slack when using make?

In slack i’m create custom fields and i can get it with script request - profile.fields.Xf91V49SDM1H, Can i get this field in make?


Hi @Stanislav,

You can get the Custom Fields by Leveraging the Make an API Call Module of Slack in Make. If you want to get the Users Custom Fields, you need to get it through this API.


Thank you for answer. But i have error when try execute scenario - Error: missing_scope (200). On add API call in scenario i didn’t received request to new scopes. So where i need to add them?


Go to Make an API call, Add a New Connection, Over there click the Show advanced settings and put the following scope under the additional scope and see if that fixes the issue for you.

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Thank you for assistance!

I did, but the error remains.

I found this - [Slack] Invalid permissions requested: unapproved_scope

If I remove the Integromat from the Slack workspace, can I then add it without problems using the same scenario that I am currently setting up in Make?

Hello! I found solution, created app whith right scopes and point his secret and id in connection section. But when i’m test it, i’m recived information about bot,not about user who post message in channel.

User value - User , from previus step. But it’s not apply for request