Dall-e 3 in make.com

Can we use Dall-e 3 in make.com now?

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The OpenAI “Generate an Image” module does not allow you to select the model.

This means to use Dall-E 3, you’ll need to use the generic OpenAI “Make an API Call” module.

You can submit this suggestion to the Idea exchange, under App improvement ideas. Don’t forget to search for it first, just in case someone already suggested it!

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Yes we really need this update on Make.com for Dall-E 3
Making call is soooo long

errrmm, did i missed something?

I can do this actions:

You didn’t read what I wrote earlier.

I said:

The OpenAI “Generate an Image” module does not allow you to select the model.


Yes it’s not Dall-E 3 :confused:

Attached here is an installation for the models I developed, it also has DALL·E 3:

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Ok thanks but what is it? An unofficial API? An custom app? An app from make?
I’m worried about the securities

@Turoxit Looks like it’s a privately created custom app that is not approved by the Make team, so it can only be accessed via invitation.

Published (approval not requested)
Once you publish your app, you can use the invitation link to share the app with users from any organization. Users who receive the shared link need to have administration rights or app install permission granted to install the app and use it in the scenario builder. If sharing your app via link is sufficient for you and you don’t want to have your app publicly available for all users, you do not need to go through the further publishing stages.


Heya everyone @here :blob_wave:

Just wanted to let you know that we rolled out an update and DALL-E 3 is now available in our OpenAI app.

More info: 🔥 App Update: Latest OpenAI capabilities available on Make

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