data leads fb to php import page

I recently discovered integromat

I would like to understand how to automatically read the data of the leads generated on fb and send them to a page of a php management software so that they are imported into it.

In the scenario I have currently set
Facebook insights for leads …. a create json … and a make request http …

but I am not clear if it is correct and how they should be configured.

and above all the data in what format arrive on the php page

can you give me some indication on how to be able to send data to the import page?

The php mgmt. software should accept leads using some APIs. The API response in the status field would normally be 200/201. Check if you are getting proper status code and whether leads are populating in software.


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but in your opinion without using API, it is not possible to create a scenario with:

Lead FB (Get Insights) → Convert to JSON (create Json) → Send to import page (make a requeste http)

I have already created it and the import page is called, but the json is incorrect for now.

It seems to me the simplest way, but I am not convinced it is correct.