How can I use integromat for other people?

I want people to subscribe to a service to have an Auto Respond Automation for Facebook Leads. Would this be done through my account, and I want to know how would they even be able to link their Facebook?

I am using Webflow.

It’s not possible right now. You will have to let them create their own Make account and authenticate their facebook.
You can however sell “blueprints” or something if you like.

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Bjorn.drivn I have created an automated wordpress site in the past that was updated from an airtable base, I wanted to be able to replicate it as others may want something similar, very useful for my customer to update his menu pricing and add new items/remove items all from a quick easy interface. Where can I find more information on making “blueprints”?

Heya @Stamper welcome to the community :wave:

Just stepping in with a bit of info about blueprints :arrow_down:

Manually exporting/importing your blueprints

  • click the three dots at the bottom of the editor
  • export the blueprint to your computer
  • import the json file to the Make builder to further work with the scenario

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