Decrease number of operations

Good afternoon everyone, Thanks if anyone can give me an idea of how to improve this automation…

I have a google sheets “Watch New Rows” starter module.
The problem is that when you have more than one line, everything else processes the same number of times.

For example the following modules of “Get a Cell” and “Set Variables” would not need to run more than 1 time.

Would it be possible to make modules that need to be processed only 1 time do so?


Have you tried setting a limit of 1 on the Watch New Rows module?


Thanks for your help @Donald_Mitchell, I thought about it, but since I put a 15 minute break to decrease operations, when I have a lot of records in the day some will end up falling to the next day.
But if I can’t find another way I’ll go with your idea.

Thanks for your time :+1:

Since that module has the potential to output more than 1 bundle, anything that goes after it will run once for each bundle. To avoid that, you can put an Aggregator after Watch New Row and that’ll convert those bundles into a single Array or JSON.
Then, the Google Sheets Get a Cell should each only run once.

Excellent idea, this will solve my problems, Thanks for your help @Donald_Mitchell :rocket:

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