Default Google Calendar visibility for attendees

I’m trying to set up the default visibility on Google Calendar to be like this:
Nobody can see the attendance list, nobody can edit the event or invite someone.

This is what I’m getting on every auto event created:

This is what I want by default:

These are my settings now for make:

For Google:

I think this could be some Google Calendar general settings or something, but I can’t find the way of doing this by default.

Thanks for your help

Hi @Juani,

Seems like those options are missing from the Create Event Module in Make and also those are absent in Update Events as well. What you want to do is, Use Make an API call module after Create Event and then pass these parameters,

  "guestsCanInviteOthers": boolean,
  "guestsCanModify": boolean,
  "guestsCanSeeOtherGuests": boolean

See the document here.

Update Just tried this on my setup, You can use Make an API call to update the Event after the Create an Event.

Request Body,

	"guestsCanSeeOtherGuests": false,
	"guestsCanModify": false,
	"guestsCanInviteOthers": false

It looks like it’s a limitation of the Google Calendar Create an Event module in Make. There are 100’s of parameters that could be included, and the “invite others” and “see the guest list” parameters haven’t been included.

You can see the full list, including the guestsCanInviteOthers and guestsCanSeeOtherGuests parameters in the Google Calendar API docs.

You should be able to set these by using the Make an API Call module instead of Create an Event


Thank you @Runcorn , that works :heart:

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