Delete all items where a group title ends with 2022 - integration with

Hi all,
So I’ve got monday integrating with make - I’m looking for a way to set a scenario that reads all the group names on a board and if that group name ends with 2022 then delete the items and the group.

I can get a list of all items in a group and I can get a list of all groups - I can set the filter as ends with 2022 but I can’t get it to delete everything in all the groups - can anyone help me with pointers please?

If I manually select the group, then I can get it to delete all the items within that group but I’m hoping to automate it so I can just say, delete everything that is in a group which says 2022 at the end?


  1. You will need to use the List Boards Group’s module to get all the groups on the board.
  2. You will need to use the Graph QL module with this API request
  3. You will need to add a filter between the 2 modules “if Tittle contains 2022”

See Screenshots below

Hope this helps


Thank you so much, thats worked!!

I’m now setting up a schedule so that on the first of the month it will archive any groups that are older than 3 months, so I’m trying to set the query up as this:

formatDate(addMonths(now; -3); "MM-YYYY") 

My schedule will activate on the first of each month, so on 01-10-2023 (UK)

I was hoping that on the 1st it will run and anything that is 06-2023 will be removed. I’ve tried to check it today by running it as:

formatDate(addMonths(now; -4); "MM-YYYY") 

which should only try to remove 05-2023 however running it as above made it remove the 06-2023.

Have I missed something?


These functions work fine on my end.

Can you share screenshots of the setup?

Are you sure you had -4 and not -3 when it deleted 06-023?

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