Delete item from monday when person unassigned


I’m a complete newbie with make, however I’m attempting to build a scenario that deletes an item from a board if person is unassigned.

We have 8 users set up and each user has their own board as well as one that is overall board.
When we assign someone it creates an item on their own board, then mirrors the information so that they can see the job, but the main project manager can see all the info too.

I’m trying to create a scenario which basically says:

When “Drew” is unassigned from the job called “Testing ABC” then go to the board called “Drew” and delete the item called “Testing ABC”.

I have created a webhook which is called when person changes.

There is a filter that checks to see if someone was unassigned

It then connects to a router

Another filter, this time checks if the person who was unassigned was “Drew” (previous value. personsAndTeams:ID = 30556241)

Then it checks the board called Drew and searches for the item name as the pulse name (so “Testing ABC”

Another filter which checks if there is an item in “board Drew” called “Testing ABC”

Then it archives the result using ID

So there is a couple of weird things happening, if there is an array of people its been assigned to, if “Drew” was not the first person assigned then it fails to pass the filter for drew,
Is there a way I can filter it so that if 30556241 is listed (no matter what position in the array it is?)

For some reason, its working however its deleting all the items with the same name - but leaving one - any ideas why its leaving one?


It’s a little unclear what you are now needing.

If your only remaining question is “why is it leaving one item,” I’d lay good $$ that either there were 11 items (you had the limit set to 10) or the remaining item name is slightly different (like an extra space).

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I actually think it’s deleting them all but also then I think the automation on Monday is adding a new one even though it’s being unassigned.