Monday tracking item updates

Hey all,

I am planning to use the monday module “Watch board’s items” in time intervals.

My questions is how can we verify that the incoming item was updated in the time interval we sat for the scenario?
I dont want to process items which didn’t have any update during scenario’s interval.


Hi @DimitrisGoudis,
If you would like to track item updates (changes in columns), I will suggest using “Watch Events”


If you would like to track the actual Updates (the speech bubble), I will suggest using “Watch Item’s Updates”


Both actions will get triggered instantly when new changes happen.

Hope it helps :smiley:


Hey @Libin ,

Thanks for your response!!!

The reason I thought to work with “Watch board’s items” was that:

  • In case of “Watching Item’s Updates” needs to have the items ID so I can use it as a trigger
  • In case of “Watch Events” it requires the hook establishments on monday, which on monday’s side this doesn’t work.

Do you have any alternative thought?


Hi @DimitrisGoudis
Thanks for your clarifications.

In this case, the “Watch Board’s items” action has already automatically filtered the new and updated items.
The items that did not have any updates won’t get processed.


Thank you very much @Libin !!!

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