Delete row in Google Sheet when item is deleted in

At the moment I am enriching my Google Sheet when an board item is created. Once the item is deleted from the board I want to delete this row in Google Sheets.

Current scenario:

Because the name is not available anymore I thought this would work.

Future scenario:
A Google Sheet row needs to be deleted automatically when the item is deleted in

Appreciate it!

Hi @Dicky_Cheung nice to meet you.


There is an integration recipe in Monday in the webhooks section that sends a webhook when an item is deleted.

In you should set up the watch events module that will listen to these webhooks

You can save the item id in Google sheets and after that you can compare the id’s and delete the item from GSheets.

Hope this helps.



Hey Vlad,

Thank you so much for taking your time. Unfortunately the events are not being pushed to I assume this is due to the board is mirrored. Do you think there are other solutions to delete rows from Google Sheet when an item in is removed from the board?