Dispatch one out of two e-mails found to perform an A/B test

I have this scenario that allows me to send emails in a tool called DATANANAS from addresses found on the internet.

The thing I can’t get right is that I want to dispatch at some point in the scenario, for example right after the email address is verified by CaptainVerify.

I want every second email to be sent in either an A sequence or a B sequence.

We’ll say that email 1 found should be sent in sequence A (all odd ones to summarize) and that the “even” emails should be sent in sequence B.

But how to do this disptach in MAKE? With conditions? Smaller than ? Every other time? I’m really stuck…

Thanks for your help

Hi there.

I am not really sure if I understand your description correctly. However, I believe that you should be able to use the “round robin” distribution logic for this use case. Check the following link - https://www.make.com/en/help/tools/tools#increment-function

Also, check the attached testing scenario’s blueprint.


blueprint (4).json (9.7 KB)