Displaying calendar dates

Paying $50 for a Zoom.

I’ve been working on this for days so I definitely appreciate any feedback on this. Using a HTTP request I’m calling to an API (Zenoti) to grab available calendar dates for an appointment and want to display those dates either through an iframe of some sort on the website, another calendar app that I can push the available time/dates to.

Just looking for the best way to go about grabbing data from one calendar, and then display available times to be selected by a user.

If you can hop on a Zoom and give me a had I’ll happily compensate you!

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I assume you already have this working?

This is easy, your scenario simply has to begin with a Custom Webhook module, and end with a Webhook Response module.

You mean web page in the scenario response right? That’s not really a “web app”, more like a widget because you’re going to embed it on a page in your website.

What happens when the user has selected a time then?

Thanks for the response @samliew :raised_hands:

Once the user selects the date it will then (hopefully) send that selected date back to Zenoti & book the appointment for the client.