Dynamically create Typeforms

Hi! I’m trying to dynamically create a Typeform based on an Excel of the questions and answer choices but I’m not sure what format to input the “map” data as? For example, in the picture below, it seems I can input a [object Object] in the “Fields” section but what would the format of that object be? Thanks!

According to the Typeform “Create form” documentation,

  • thankyou_screens: Array of objects that specify settings and properties for the form’s thank you screen.
  • fields: Array of objects that specify the fields to use in the form and their properties, validations, and attachments.

Expand the schema below for details about each of these elements.


Hi @Han_Gu , this is actually comparably hard to do. You’ll need to stick to their documentation.
How long is the form you want to create in the end and does it include logic (ie. Calculating score, price or having jumps)?



Thanks! So I basically have to input a JSON following the guidelines that you linked?

Got it. The forms I’m looking to create are typically around 20-30 questions and will sometimes include logic / hidden variables. Any suggestions for alternative ways to do this that might be simpler? Thanks!

Yes, that’s right. Let us know if you need further help with that.


Mhm not really :confused:
One approach that I did a few years back was the following:

  1. create a form including all the questions
  2. fetch the forms json
  3. replace the one question (that was my usecase)
  4. strip out all „id“ values in the json using JavaScript
  5. create new form through make an API call

Not super easy but doable if code is okay for you…
My question would be: do you need to replace one simple short answer question? Do you have a dynamic amount of different questions with different question types? Maybe it’s possible to solve this through hidden fields :thinking: