Email Failing to authenticate

I’ve been having an issue with authenticating email into Make using Microsoft SMTP/Imap Oauth Connection

When prompted to sign in after selecting, I’ve allowed consent for the application.

Attached is a screenshot of what I’m getting when running the scenario. I’ve run out of ideas and trying to get some assistance here

Hi @Ali_Elsaadi
Could you check if SMTP authentication is enabled for this account?


Hello @Ali_Elsaadi

Like Harsh said, check if SMTP authentication is enabled for this account.
Office 365 or Microsoft 365, SMTP authentication is enabled by default for all users in the organization. Users can use their Office 365 credentials to authenticate and send emails via SMTP.

On the other hand, for free consumer email accounts like (Hotmail), SMTP authentication may need to be explicitly enabled in the account settings. This is to ensure that only authorized users can send emails using their accounts.

Second I don’t think it’s a issue. You need to follow all the steps from the Microsoft documentation to see if you have done correctly all the steps for SMTP/Imap Oauth Connection.