Using all help options and getting no help; feeling frustrated

Hello Makers, I’m desperately needing some guidance I have spent countless hours so far working to learn this platform and feel like I’m getting no where.

  1. trying to get new emails to flow over to google sheets to hopefully create a new contact/lead list. I understand that this scenario should really only need a few steps and I am stuck at step one. Following the email help tool at:
    I tried using the other IMAP option for my outlook email first but it wouldn’t take the basic authentication saying sign in failed. So then I attempted to use the Microsoft SMTP/IMAP OAuth, which seems to have connected but when I go to select the Folder, it can’t find any folders even the inbox.
    Is there a way to diagnose if it did connect to the email appropriately? is there a step I should have completed in outlook? any help would be so greatly appreciated.

Are you able to send an email with your connection you made? Best to start there to see if it is indeed authenticated.

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