Can't connect MS Outlook SMPT/IMAP Oauth

Hi all,

I’m trying to connect my Outlook account so that I can send emails. I’ve followed the guidance here:*8457qr*_ga*NzE3NzUwOC4xNzEzNjMxNjYw*_ga_MY0CJTCDSF*MTcxNTY0NTM1NC4zLjEuMTcxNTY1MDY1OC4yNC4wLjA.#connect-using-microsoft-smtp-imap-oauth

I’ve also made sure that Authenticaed SMTP was turned on.

I have my Client ID, Client Secret, and Tenant ID from Azure. I have all the permissions set just as the guide linked above suggests.

Whenever I try to connect, the pop-up window that follows results in an error which begins with {“message”:“The request failed due to failure of a previous request.”,“code”:“SC424”,“suberrors”:[{“message”:“Status Code Error: 401”,“name”:“RuntimeError”}],“debug”:[[“request”,“POST”,"https://login.microsoftonline.c

I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong. Any help is appreciated.


Update: I was able to get it connected (that is, the pop-up window error did not occur).

However, when I try to pass information through I am now receiving this error: Invalid login: 535 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful


I was able to get the send email working by following the solution in this thread: Invalid login: 535 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful in MS 365 mail

However, I’m would think this workaround isn’t the right way of doing things, so I won’t mark it as a “solution” to this problem. Has anyone been able to get an MS Outlook account working through the SMPT/IMAP Oauth route? And if so, how?

Hey @EasyAI - Just trying to understand a little better what you’re going for. Instead of using the SMTP workaround that you described, what would you like to try and do? I’m happy to help, just want to make sure I understand your ask

I’m just trying to understand why the method outlined in the Make documentation here isn’t working for me. I would prefer to have things set up the proper way.

Ahh ok, so the way you’re actually doing it (even on Makes documentation page) is also a workaround for Outlook. You’re going to be much better off using Make’s native outlook integration module (see screenshot below) which allows you to just log in with your username and password than using the generic email module.

The generic email module is for email addresses / providers that do not have a native module with Make, but for your primary email providers (Outlook, Gmail, etc) they all have native integration and are going to offer you more out of the box functionality as they use the email providers API as opposed to the generic SMTP / IMAP integration.

Give that module a shot and sign in with that and see what you think and we can go from there.


Thank you very much! That was definitely part of the problem.

Switching to that module got me past the first error, but I still had issues with MS authorization. I found some additional help here: Error AADSTS50011 the redirect URI does not match the redirect URIs configured for the application - Azure | Microsoft Learn

Putting the link in case anyone else encounters the issue. It came down to the URI in Make’s documentation. They have it as but in order to get it work I had to change to

Thank you workflowsy for all your help.