All scenarios are failing with email login failed since the 22nd

All scenarios are failing with email login failed since the 22nd. Microsoft changed their authentication from Basic to Modern this weekend and our half of our Outlook accounts started failing. I enabled Modern auth to resolve them, but I don’t see how that would be tied to my scenarios failing to authenticate. I did disable the suggested smtp, etc.

Any suggestions?

I see where it is failing now. It’s because I still have them setup as IMAP instead of OAuth. But when I go to change it to OAuth it doesn’t give me the option to choose what email account I want to use. Each of our scenarios use a different email account. This one defaults to noreply for some reason.

I guess I’m just going to keep talking to myself lol. I was able to change the oauth user and verify the creds, but the scenario is still failing with the authentication error.

It’s sad when nobody responds out of 4700+ users to your question. But honestly I don’t know if anyone has direct experience with this app since the change. Have you tried Make support? Maybe the actual Make app has to be updated with this recent change? I am just guessing.

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Thank you for the reply <3 :slight_smile: I have opened two tickets with them over a week and a half ago and replied to those emails with requests for a reply. Very poor support.

Hello @P3Freedom welcome to the community :wave:

I believe the solution to the issue you’re facing is described in our help docs over here: Connecting using Microsoft SMTP/IMAP OAuth.

I’m really sorry to hear about your disappointment with our customer support team. You will definitely get an answer from our agents but please note that the responsiveness is related to the pricing plan you are on.

Hope this helps

Thank you for the reply and letting me know that. We’ve been down since the 22nd and I honestly would have paid over $1,000 to get this to work…I looked at the plan and it says 24/7 support. I will get this switched asap.

I did look at the article and yes you are on point, but I made the changes, verified the accounts in the connections tab and still no luck.

I’m really sorry to hear that following the steps in the article did not solve the issue for you. I’m sure the support team will be able to assist you. The switch should big-time help with the prioritization of your ticket.

I have still not heard from support. I did find out that we are on the legacy plan, not the free version, so I would expect the support to reach out to us…this is ridiculous. I even contacted their sales team and they said they would bump the ticket.

Do anyone have any other suggestions on what I could attempt to resolve this issue? I’d really appreciate it.

I would recommend you remove your existing connection and establish them from scratch. because this is not a global issue with all Make users. (If that would have been, then the community would have been flooded with such concerns).

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Thank you for the reply. I did delete the connection and recreate with Oauth instead of IMAP. It will verify it in the connections tab, but it fails with authentication error when I run the scenario. I have also tried to recreate it as IMAP just to see and it won’t let me add it because it says failed to log in…I’m assuming this is because they disabled the basic auth.

I found something very weird. One of our scenario’s is working, unfortunately it’s not one that we really need. But the difference is in the connections tab in the scenario is blank…which I think shouldn’t be possible. It is working though. None of the others with IMAP or OAuth are working still.

Did anyone ever solved this situation? @Michaela

Hello again @onurbolaca

Just like I mentioned in my reply from minutes ago, creating the SMTP/IMAP OAuth connection should do the trick. Microsoft requires this since January 1st.