Error "400" or similar

Error “400” or similar

These error messages are commonly translated as “client errors”. This group of errors covers various error types The most common are:

400 Bad Request
These can usually be seen in custom API calls when a wrong or malformed API URL is used. In case the API calls uses “query string”, the wrong value in the string might be the culprit.

–> Double-check the API request structure.

403 Forbidden
In most cases, these errors happen when a user provides the wrong connection credentials or does not have enough permissions for the specific action.

–> Try to create a new connection and double-check you have all the necessary permissions.

404 Not Found
This error usually occurs when the requested entity (URL or a specific API item) does not exist on the end server.

–> Double-check the requested item exists or that you use the right API request URL

405 Method Not Allowed
This error usually occurs when the HTTP call method is wrong for the specific API endpoint.

–>Double check you use the right method e.g. PUT instead of GET