Error RuntimeError [429] You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details

I have a paid account with Open AI and also have $50 credit no limit and have auto recharge on yet i keep getting this error no matter what i have tried. OpenAI is also seeing 0 usage

-Putting Credit in
-Turning on Auto Recharge
-No $ Rate limit
-Reconnected Account to make
-Verify account after making connection

Welcome to the Make community!

Try setting your Monthly budget equal to your Usage limit.

Leaving the monthly budget field BLANK/EMPTY is equal to setting your quota to $0 – which means you cannot use the API at all!



I am encountering the same issue. I added 10 dollars to my OpenAI account but I am still getting the 429 error.

Have you done what I said in my post above to set the monthly budget?


Yes, but ultimately, it was a problem at OpenAI that was happening at the same time. The credits were not being taken into account, even outside of Make. Thank you.