How to bypass 429 error in Open Ai Chat GPT?

I’m trying to write a chapter for an experimental book and I can’t do it because this error appears during execution, what do I do?

You’ve surpassed your OpenAI module quota in Integromat, leading to a “429 You Exceed Your Quota” error.
To address this:
Review and optimize your module usage, Explore a quota upgrade with OpenAI, Implement rate limiting in your scenarios.


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Try disconnecting (cancelling) your existing payment plan on OpenAI, then reconnect and purchase some Credits, OR turn on Auto Recharge.

You can do this on the OpenAI Developer Dashboard, under Accounts > Billing page

Next, go to the Usage Limits page, and increase the Monthly budget field, or clear this field, then save your changes.


EDIT: Sorry, I just tested leaving the field empty - you cannot do this because they assume your budget is $0 and won’t allow any API calls. So the only way is to set a higher number for the budget.


Is it necessary to pay? Because I only have the free plan, I saw online that it could be done even with the free plan.

Yes, you can set up a scenario with the Make free plan.

But the scenario cannot access OpenAI’s APIs because OpenAI does not have a free plan, and you need to top up credits in the OpenAI’s developer dashboard.

There is no way to bypass it to get OpenAI for free.

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Is there any way to know which APIs of such a tool are part of the free plan?

OpenAI APIs does not have any free plan.